Great Ways to Find Talent With the Tools You are Already Using

Bring back the recession!  For recruiters and human resource departments, the recession made any resource you used to find talent the “best thing ever”.  Sure, you didn’t have many openings and millions of great people were unemployed and looking for work.  In addition, your internal referrals were at an all-time high.  You were able to save money by cutting out many of your recruiting tools.  Life was good until this year.  Many of your recession “go to” sources stopped producing the numbers you need to find great talent.  

Many companies who need to get back into the game in 2015 found it wasn’t as easy to determine what services to use.  At the national SHRM conference this year, over five hundred vendors were there to show employers all kinds of recruiting tools.  Yes, you can find great talent on Snap Chat, but it may not be time or cost effective for your organization!

If it was only so easy. 

What are you doing to find great people?  Hopefully you have the basics down with posting all your jobs to your company website career portal and having them cross posted to niche sites like  You should have an internal system to let all your employees know what jobs are open and how they can refer people.  Employee referral (internal) is still the number one source of hire.  Even if you do this, why do you still have so many open positions?

To finds great talent, maximize use of the resources you already utilize.  Here are some considerations:

1.Set up resume search agents.  If you constantly look for property underwriters, a resume search agent will allow you to be notified immediately when that person adds their resume to a job board database. 

2.Job Titles with Flair.  Add a location, keyword or a sell line in the title.  Instead of “underwriter”, the title could be Property Underwriter- Orlando-Flexible work schedule!   A site like has a huge network of partners that your job will be seen that ARE NOT job sites, for example,

3.Job Seekers read HEADLINES! So do you.  If you post your jobs and the titles are boring, expect boring results.  Great job titles get potential candidates who are semi-passive wanting more which will get them to click your link.  All the titles at are written in such a way that that is leaves you wanting more.    “CAITLYN JENNER CRIMINAL CHARGES NOT LIKELY”   This is called “click bait”.  Did you click it?  Job titles are headlines and the interesting ones will get many more clicks.

4.Mobile is huge.  I am still trying to figure out how “mobile recruiting products” really work.  For us, mobile is huge because it is the device of choice to deliver the job title headline.  Your mobile phone is an extension of you. If you tell us you’re a property underwriter, our technology can deliver property underwing jobs to your mobile device.  When they click on your job,

5.Advertise benefits in all job descriptions.  Many companies have amazing benefits like gym membership, 100% paid medical, company cruises and floating Fridays.  These are extremely important to add to ALL your job descriptions.  People make moves for many reasons.  To get the semi-passive candidates to apply, you have to give them as many reasons as you can.  Statically, only 8% of all job postings on our sites have their company’s awesome benefits included.

The list is simple but the benefits are game changers.  Semi-passive potential candidate attention span is very short so you have to be able to separate yourself from your competition.  If you don’t believe me, go to any job board and search for the title of the job you are recruiting for currently.  What you will find is a list of generic titles.  You heard it here first…click bait job postings!  Add some flair to your titles!     

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