Insurance Jobs Rock-But You Already Know That-Time to Spread the Word!

Ben Franklin

February is Insurance Careers Month. It really should be insurance career year! This movement is aimed to help tell the world the insurance industry has cool jobs. Many insurance companies are behind Insurance Careers Month because they recognize they have to find a ton of talent in the next few years. The good news is the jobs they are offering are outstanding. The better news is that YOU can help by letting everyone you know looking for a great career consider this great industry that isn't even on their radar. Yes, YOU can help the insurance industry replenish itself!

How will one of the world's largest industries get the word out that it has jobs and great stable careers? 

The insurance industry finds itself at a crossroads with a retiring workforce (400,000 are ready to retire in the next two years) alongside billions being poured into insuretech startups changing how the industry will evolve for years to come. With so much excitement and opportunity, how do the excellent career paths in the insurance industry continue to fly under the "cool jobs" radar that future workers gravitate to?

Simple answer. They don't know. It requires efforts like Insurance Careers Month to bring these jobs front and center. However, we need to supersize this movement, and the simple way to do that is for the current workforce to share the beauty of the jobs in this industry like the same way they share a photo of their dogs being silly on Facebook. Let's designate one day a month where everyone who works in the industry shares a post on why jobs in the insurance industry rock! To do this, here are many of the reasons:

  1. Insurance jobs are changing rapidly and becoming sexy jobs! Insurance careers are using world-class technology that gives underwriters, claims professionals, sales agents, customer service specialists, risk modelers, actuaries, and so many more jobs power they never had before! Accessing and managing risk is so data-driven; those entering the industry will be technology leaders that allow them to service clients like never before.  
  2. The insurance industry is one of the most stable industries in the world. During COVID-19, many insurance companies had hiring freezes but very few layoffs. The unemployment rate for the sector is 2.9% today.
  3. Insurance companies are spending a lot of time and money re-engineering their workforce. Employee engagement leads the list.  Companies are bending over backward to figure out how to be profitable while catering to their employee's needs.
  4. Good pay and excellent benefits. The benefits list keeps growing with tuition reimbursement programs, daycares, gyms, food courts, and flexible work schedules. COVID-19 has only accelerated this for many companies.
  5. The aging workforce will create outstanding opportunities for workers who want to excel in their careers. The 400,000 insurance professionals who have been threatening to resign (but have not yet) may finally do it once COVID-19 passes. Unlike the great rescission a few years ago, not only has this group primarily worked from home during the pandemic, but they also have watched their 401K's and home values skyrocket in the last ten months. They will be ready to retire in masses, creating excellent opportunities for promotion into senior positions.
  6. Insuretech is huge. Traditional insurance companies will invest in companies where technology products (like telematics) will add a brand-new category of insurance jobs that will be high paying and may even require a joystick!
  7. Work/Life Balance. Companies are in a fantastic position post-COVID-19 to accelerate a better workday for their employees. In the last ten months, with 85% of the industry working from home, companies have been fast-tracked to understand what is working as they move forward. They have their entire workforce to ask what they liked, disliked about working from home and how they view the future workplace. The pandemic has changed the game, and insurance companies will ensure they are at the forefront of maximizing a great work and life balance for all employees.  

We can all agree Ben Franklin is a pretty cool dude. As the inventor of insurance, it is probably time to take some of his advice with this great quote, "What you seem to be, be really." Insurance jobs rock, and we can't say that loud enough!

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