The 2022 Insurance Industry Employment & Hiring Outlook Survey Reveals Record Hiring Being Offset By Multiple Post-Covid Hiring Issues Leaving Many Jobs Unfilled

2022 Report

At the height of the pandemic, once again, the insurance industry showed its stability. The pandemic that started in March 2020 forced insurance companies to look at all their current hiring and retention strategies. In addition, human resource departments were handed a brand-new-to-do list, including building work from home procedures, return to work policies, and so much more. This survey found that insurance employers are still struggling to figure out how to solve many of the issues created by the pandemic. 

Some numbers: 

  •  A total of 12,524 (twelve-thousand-five-hundred-twenty-four) jobs will open in the last three quarters of 2022. 
  • 95% (ninety-five percent) of insurance companies plan on hiring at least one person in 2022.
  • 54% (fifty-four percent) of insurance companies surveyed will be hiring 50 (fifty) or more employees in 2022.
  • Insurance jobs with the most openings include sales, claims, customer service, account managers, technology, and actuarial. 

We hope that employers reading this report can give valuable advice to help solve many of their talent acquisition and employment issues. The pandemic issues have added another layer of pressure on an industry that is retiring at record rates while at the same time having a hard time recruiting new talent. 

Download the report (no cost) to gain valuable information to help your company find great insurance talent. 



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