The New Website is LIVE!

Since we began in 2001, constantly evaluates how the ever changing world of technology will affect our online recruiting business model.  One thing is for sure; if our services do not produce the insurance talent needed for hires at your company, we will be out of business.
We will not let that happen.
Our latest release is the largest in our history.  We have spent the last year talking with insurance industry talent acquisition managers, internal and external recruiters, human resource professionals, insurance job seekers, developers and search engine marketing and optimization companies.  Our goal was to find out what employers really wanted in an insurance job board that would help not only support their talent sourcing but also their employment branding.  For job seekers, they wanted easier access to the site, a faster and more effective application process and wanted to do all of this on their mobile devices and tablets.
While the new has numerous new features, here are four features that you should know about that will increase your applications that meet the job requirements.  
1. Resumes by Email. You can now set up powerful “resumes by email” alerts that will notify you immediately when a candidate joins the GIJ Network and their skills fit your open jobs or future job openings.  

*The resume alert can be set up using numerous parameters.  Don’t miss out on great insurance candidates! 
2. "Knock Out Questions".  For those of you who are not using an applicant tracking system, we now have filter questions that will help you sort your applications based on job seekers response to these “yes” and “no” questions.  If your job requires a four year college degree, you can ask all applicants before they apply if they completed a 4 year degree and they have to select an answer before submitting. 
3. The Network.  Now, our entire network of niche insurance job websites will work together.  The job you purchase at GIJ will now get cross posted to all of our applicable insurance job board properties. Included are,, and newly acquired  For employers, it means more insurance industry traffic, more applications to your job postings and more exposure for your employment brand. You get access to all sites automatically and our technology features your jobs accordingly.
4. Mobile/Tablet Responsive website design.  Mobile/tablet recruiting is very important in the recruiting process.  The new GIJ works on any device automatically.  Job seekers can search, read and apply to your jobs right from their cell phone.  Over 30% of our website traffic is already is using the site via mobile or tablet and this is why we have invested to have the best mobile recruiting technology.
We built the new GIJ website with tools that employers and jobseekers actually will find relevant and made them much easier to use.  We have been live for three weeks and we have had tremendous feedback and suggestions.  We thank you all for the first 13 years and really looking forward to the future!

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