Three Ways to Use AI to Get A Job That You Didn’t Think About

can feb

The number one challenge most job seekers have is applying to jobs and waiting to hear back from the employer. Resumes don't get jobs; they get interviews, and so many of you apply for jobs you know you can do but have yet to meet the employer.

To increase your chances, you can go to sites like ChatGPT, copy and paste the job description, and ask it to rewrite your resume. This works wonderfully. Job seekers are NOT professional job seekers, and AI will help you "optimize" your resume and hopefully get you more interviews.  

AI in the job search is just getting going. As a job seeker advocate, AI will be your copilot or personal coach to ensure you maximize your opportunities. The future looks impressive as well. Here are three more ways you will use AI in your job search.

  1. ChatGPT now has apps called GPTs. You have to pay (20.00 per month) to get ChatGPT 4.0, which will give you access to apps (called GPTs) designed to help you in your job search. Search the GPTs, and you will find apps like Algorithmic Job Search Organizer, Job Search Assistant, Job Coach, and Find Me a Better Job. There are many GPTs; they will only get better and more niche with time. They are easy to use and will save you a ton of time with your job search while educating you.
  2. AI-Powered Interview Warm Up. Google's Interview Warmup is an AI interview coach who will ask you questions based on the job you are interviewing for, critique your answers, and coach you on maximizing your answers. This is free and will prepare you for the interview like no other tool.  
  1. LinkedIn uses AI to Maximize Your Profile. I am always amazed at how many people don't have a LinkedIn profile. You require a LinkedIn profile if you are in the job market for ANY position (even if you are starting your first job).  Why? In the digital age, if you want employers to find you with the AI recruiting tools they use (like, this is the best way to feed the AI engines with information you want people to find out about you. LinkedIn AI features will help you write your summary statement, clean up your profile, and ensure it is optimized. AI can even generate a professional headshot from any picture you have. Not only will you look good, but you will save some money too!

Most everyone is not a professional job seeker. AI has changed the game and allows anyone looking for a new job to have the tools to immediately increase their chances of getting an interview. Gone are the days of your neighbor telling you that your resume has to be one page or all the other things that just are not true. Employers want to hire people who can do the job. AI will allow you to meet many more employers!

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