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Looking for a job is a difficult task, but finding a career can be even more difficult. Maybe you’re closer to finding your career than you think. I started at United Fire Group in 1984 as an underwriter in our home office. Throughout the years I have served in a variety of positions and undertook my fair share of difficult challenges, but I never doubted that I had found my career at United Fire. 

I have always believed that United Fire’s culture is one of its greatest strengths. Our culture translates into many business advantages, including good relationships, excellent customer service and a tenured, well-trained workforce. In fact, our employees average nearly 14 years at our company.

Since starting as a small automobile insurance company in 1946, United Fire has always used a combination of conservative management, progressive leadership and competitive products to find our success as a leading regional insurance carrier.

Throughout the years, as our company developed, so did the careers of our employees. Without our committed employees, we never would have become the publicly traded, multi-billion dollar company we are today.

Our relationships with fellow co-workers and agents are based on five key elements:

  1. Trust and respect;
  2. Superior service;
  3. Consistent and informed business decisions;
  4. Innovative new technology, used to enhance our relationships—not replace them;
  5. And, most importantly, the comfort that a real person will always answer the phone.

Jobs at United Fire, aren’t just jobs...they are careers. At United Fire Group, you have an opportunity to grow your career, and your success depends on what you want for your future. Your attitude, enhanced by your skills and abilities, all contribute to the success of not only you, but our company, too.

There are a lot of talented people at United Fire who have all created their careers behind its doors. If you are looking for more than a job, I encourage you to look at United Fire. You’ve taken the first step by searching our Careers section online. Now, take the next step and apply. You never know—your career could be closer than you think. I know mine was.

A former career seeker,

Randy Ramlo, President & CEO, United Fire Group

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